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Hard to tell. Still, if we multiplied out the gay male percentage per type from OkCupid data times the percentage of population per type from the representative sample, we'd get for gay men of a given type as a percentage of the overall population: I didn't think there would be any real correlation between MBTI type and sexual orientation, but apparently I was wrong. I wonder why introverted females are more likely to be gay, while it's the extroverts who are more likely to be gay among males.

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Originally Posted by Seymour. Originally Posted by baccheion. Slightly different, and I suppose the one to go with depends on what you're trying to do.

ENTJs And Sexual Orientation

As for the difference in the percentage of each type on OkCupid versus what's claimed to be representative of the world at large, I think that's probably the internet bias everyone talks about. A large number of the women on the site are NFs and a lot of the men are NTs, as is the case on many online forums.

Dating an ISTJ Personality Type Man or Woman

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Romantic Relationships

I've noticed that as an ISTJ, I hardly relate to other gay men and that most of the crushes I develop are towards straight men. It's rather bothersome since I feel I'm in the right place currently to start dating. My University's LGBT club group has plenty of friendly and decent people, but I wouldn't say I've clicked with any of them in the type of way where'd I'd want to ask them out. To make matters weirder, most of the friends I've made from the club were lesbians. I'd be just as interested to hear a lesbian or bisexual ISTJ perspective as well.

ISTJ Personality Type Secret -

Sela and Sangmu thanked this post. Same as anyone else: Get out of the house and go do what you enjoy doing, such as hobbies, volunteering, whatever. Originally Posted by niss. You are going to have to expand your horizons beyond that club. INFJ here [url]https: It's the personality test. I guess only a small percentage of people fit this personality description. Nov 08, 7: I see the Myers-Briggs thing on too many gay profiles now.

Let Your Heart Feel Their Afflictions, and Give Proportionally

It makes me not want to make contact with these guys for some reason. Probably because everyone claims to be INTJ. When you read the rest of their profile, they're not even close to INTJ. Nov 08, 8: How is that a benefit to potentially get a date? Nov 08, 4: I'd think it not a matter of "more value than other personality traits" with regard to dating but rather "less of" in the world so just as a gay person might have to announce themselves, to come out to freely find similar, so might feel the lesser occurring personality trait for reasons of finding a similar mate if that is their desire.

Or if they simply feel the need to get that out there to not be misunderstood. Why would someone have a problem with that? Just as I often refer to all the lucid dreaming I've done, which is fairly rare for most.

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  7. It's not just in offering explanation as to how mind might work, not just in showing what's possible for any mind, but also for the possibility of finding a compatible other. I don't require that, but don't we all seek some commonality: Oh, you like going horseback riding, I like horseback riding too.

    Or at least some acceptance: Well, I don't ride but I don't mind if you do. And just because most people are not practiced in dreaming, never mind in thinking, should I go back into the closet on that like some would have gays do?

    And curiously, what might be co-existing, in other words, I'm not saying one causes the other or being one is better than not, but while I don't know of a scientific survey yet, enough of us have been outing ourselves and a pattern seems to be arising, that it might be that the INFJ's as myself and I've tested numerously online and professionally with the same results and the INTJs as well as other IN's seem to be more likely the lucid dreamers among us, which does make some sense, those who tend to live in or explore more their own minds. Someone has a problem with that?

    Well news flash: We're IN's, we swim like we got fins and if you don't like it you can go fuck yourselves. I am intj.

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    Sex bores me. Iam trying to love it because it's so boring and repetitive. Besides that someone might fetishize eye color, not my thing but I don't give a fuck that someone else might, personality traits would be a tad more relevant to social intercourse than would most physical traits, because you are who you are inside regardless of who you show outside.

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